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Download filtered records in Excel, CSV, or printer friendly via URL

Usually, sending users a download URL of a sheet allows them to download all records in the sheet they have access right to. By adding special parameters to the URL of the sheet, you can let users download only the filtered records of the sheet they have access right to.

Below are the URLs of data exporting options:

File Format URL
Excel File www.ragic.com/account_name/tab_path/sheet_path.xlsx
CSV File www.ragic.com/account_name/tab_path/sheet_path.csv
Printer Friendly www.ragic.com/account_name/tab_path/sheet_path.xhtml


To download the Excel file of the sheet


Use the link


The part before "?" is your sheet path.

The parameter name is pqv (your field ID can be found with this method).

The value after "=" is the value you’d like to filter with, which is "Taiwan" in our example above. Please note that this value is case-sensitive.

For multiple queries, use the ampersand symbol &.

Comparison operators such as <, >, or >= is not supported in this method, for this kind of query, you (SYSAdmin) may consider saving the query as a shared view and retrieve shared view url for downloading the filtered records.

Note: only users with access right to the sheet may use the link to download the records.

To grant people with no access right to download the records, use Publish to Web with API Link instead. You can also add special pqv parameters to the link to allow download of filtered records.

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