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Referencing two sheets at once

Displaying assignment-type relations are easy with generated sheets in Ragic. But what if we want to build a database application that would show cross-referenced relationships?

In this example, we will build a simple project management tool in which we list employees under projects, and be able to filter for either sheet, so that we could view all employees that had worked in a project, or all projects a certain employee has worked in.

We will begin with two simple forms that show Staff Members, and Projects.

Since we would like to list employees involved in projects, we will be editing the Projects sheet. We would like to have the detail of more than one entries, so we'll add the employees with the link & load function as a subtable. But first, we'll add an assignment ID so that we can have a separate reference number.

Now we can link fields from our staff members sheet as a subtable that starts with the assignment ID.

You can add other fields that you would like to display in this sheet, such as the persons' specific function in the project.

Now that we have a more complete project form, we can create a new sheet from this subtable that will show each staff members' assignment to each project. Pick the option new sheet from subtable under the sheet linking tools.

Testing the project form shows that after saving project entries, an assignment ID will be generated for each assignment of staff members, which will also be automatically saved in the assignment sheet. This is very convenient when used with filtering options to check previous assignments.

You can always add new fields to the generated Assignments sheet for more details about project assignments.

If you'd like to see related "Assignment ID" as subtable entries under each staffs, you can use Show references from existing sheets on "Staff" sheet to insert a reference subtable from "Assignment ID" sheet.

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