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Customer Support Options

Ragic offers a wide variety of customer support.


The Knowledge Base and FAQ sections on Ragic provides answers to most commonly experienced problems by users. Solutions provided here are easy to follow and implement, using step-by-step instructions. This may be the fastest way to get your problems resolved. These sections are updated regularly based on the feedback that we receive from users. You can find the "Learn Ragic" link under your start tab or access from the "Learn Ragic" link on the upper right corner of your homepage.

You can also use the Ragic Developer Guide that helps you the with designing your database with Ragic.

Ragic Customer Support

You can click the "Need Help?" link on the upper-right corner in your account, and fill up the form that comes up about problems that you are having or e-mail Ragic Support directly.

Ragic Support Chat

This option allows you to do a chat with our bot which will return the needed information according to key words. The link is on the lower-right corner of your homepage.

Ragic Forum

You may post in the forum to discuss with other users. Our customer support team also checks the forum regularly and reply to questions that you may have.

Developer Support

Ragic offers a wide variety of support options for developers, such as the HTTP API documents and the Javascript Workflow Engine documentation.

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