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4 ways to use Ragic for free

Ragic offers various free and paid plans, and you can find detailed explanations and comparisons on the pricing page.

This article will outline Ragic's various free plans and the trial options available for its paid plans.

1. Free Plan 1: Permanent Free Account

After registering on Ragic without any additional payment, you can permanently access the majority of the database features and add an unlimited number of users.

The limitation of the Free Plan is the quantity of "sheets and records". Customized sheets (sheets that are created entirely from scratch or installed from the templates store, with modifications considered as custom sheets) are limited to a maximum of 3 sheets, and each sheet can have up to 1,000 records. If this limit is exceeded, the system will prompt you to either delete them, or upgrade to a paid plan to continue usage.

If you are not familiar with the definition of "sheet", please refer to this page.

Who is suitable for this Permanent Free Account? The limitation of it lies in the quantity of customized sheets and records. Therefore, we believe it is suitable for those who want to create straightforward applications, have low usage, or simply need to use the free templates.

2. 30 Days Free Trial of Paid Plans

If you are considering using paid plans, it is better to thoroughly test the features with the free trial period before making a payment. Ragic offers a one-time 30-day trial for every new database account. For eligible users, when you access the account billing page, you will see the "30-Day Free Trial" button on the pricing plans. Clicking on it will activate your free trial period (no need to enter credit card information). We recommend directly trying the Professional Plan that includes all features.

If the trial period expires, but you haven't completed your testing, we also offer an extension. Simply share information about Ragic on social media, and then apply for an extension through this link. Once your application is approved, the trial period will be extended.

After the trial period expires, your data will not be deleted. You just need to choose between downgrading to the Free Plan or subscribing to paid plans. You can subscribe in account billing page. If you choose to pay before the trial period expires, the remaining days of the free trial will not be lost.

This feature is primarily designed to allow users to fully experience Ragic without limitations on the number of forms and with the freedom to modify templates before purchasing. We do not encourage attempting to exploit free trials to save money. Once in formal use, we do not accept requests for extending trial periods.

3. Free Plan 2: Community Version

Community Version caters charitable purposes. In the internet age, there's a demand for platforms facilitating information exchange. This could be for practical purposes such as exchanging items, sharing salary information, or for compiling beneficial information for public, such as a list of foods identified with safety issues or sharing experiences in applying to schools. We offer a free plan for these public-benefit applications.

As long as your platform is completely accessible for public (you cannot set certain records to be visible only to specific users), you can apply for the Community Version. Similar to the Free Plan, the Community Version is a permanently free account. However, unlike the Free Plan, it does not have limitations on the number of sheets and records. To apply for Community Version, click here.

Note that when using the Community Version, we will not allow you to set permissions restricting access to specific users. Additionally, clicking on the homepage will redirect to the Ragic homepage. Therefore, this version may not be well-suited for internal data management for business.

4. Free Plan 3: For Education Purpose

In order to encourage the use of Ragic for teaching, we provide free Learning Account licenses for students in any course that utilizes Ragic as material. As long as the instructor provides necessary information such as the start and end dates of the semester, student email domains, etc., we offer free licenses for students throughout the course. This enables students to directly utilize the Professional Plan features of Ragic, providing them with comprehensive resources for learning. For more details, please refer to this article.

It's important to note that this is free only during the semester – it is not a permanent free account. Additionally, this option is applicable only when using Ragic as lecture material. For educational organizations managing student data and performing administrative tasks using Ragic, please choose a suitable plan based on your usage. We offer 30% discount for NGO and educational organizations for Professional Plan and above.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email support@ragic.com.

Here's a guide to help you choose the paid plan that suits you best.

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