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Ragic On-premises update procedure 2020

If you have not updated your Ragic On-Premises Server after 2020/1/1, please carefully follow these instructions carefully for upgrading core components.

You will only need to do this once for this core component upgrade. After this you will be able to patch your Ragic service as usual:

1. Make sure the Java version on your server is JDK 8 or later. If you're running on earlier Java versions, please install a new version. You can check your java version like this:

java -version

2. Make a backup of your Ragic directory so that you can roll back any changes made and start the Ragic version that you were previously running.

3. Upload the latest patch using the patch uploader, or unzip the patch file to replace directories of the same name in the Ragic installation directory.

4. Modify your setclasspath.sh (for Linux) or setclasspath.bat (for Windows) file, find the line at the bottom of the file that starts with "CLASSPATH=" (Linux) or "set CLASSPATH=" (Windows), and change it to the following:

# For setclasspath.sh


# For setclasspath.bat

set CLASSPATH=lib/db/je4/*;lib/jetty9.4/*;lib/jetty9.4/annotations/*;lib/jetty9.4/apache-jsp/*;lib/jetty9.4/http2/*;lib/jetty9.4/transactions/*;lib/jetty9.4/websocket/*;lib/*;lib/serviceSync/*;lib/poi/*;lib/jfree/*;lib/google-api-client/*;lib/stripe/*;lib/ZXing/*;lib/aws/*;lib/dropbox/*;.

5. Modify your ragic.sh or the shell script file you are using to start your Ragic service. Find the keyword "com.ragic.s3.nui.RagicJettyServer" near the end of the file and change it to "com.ragic.s3.nui.RagicJetty9Server", this is the newer version of the application that you need to run.

6. Now you can restart your Ragic service. For any reason that you cannot start your service, please use the backup of your Ragic directory to run your previous version for now and contact support@ragic.com and let us know the error message that you see in ragic.out file of the log directory.

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