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Can I change the URL of the sheet?

The Ragic sheet URL is composed of the following components: Server Name/Account Name/Tab Path Parameter/Sheet Path Parameter

For instance: www.ragic.com/ragicdemo/demo/1

Let's delve into each of these components individually.

Server Name

The server name is predefined and varies based on your registration region and time. It's automatically assigned upon completing the registration process.

Examples: www.ragic.com, ap10.ragic.com, na3.ragic.com.

This segment typically remains unaltered unless there's a specific reason to relocate the database.

Domain Change

To change the domain of the server name, there are two available methods:

1. Domain Forwarding: You can Customize Your Domain in the Company Settings.

Please be reminded that this company domain does not change your original Ragic database URL but merely redirects you to it.

2. Direct Domain Change: If you would like to change the domain completely, you can opt for the On-premises version to use your domain. Refer to On-premises Installation and Ragic Pricing for details.

Account Name

The account name is set on your own during registration.

Modifying the database account name will require assistance from Ragic Support. To do so, kindly send an email to support@ragic.com from the database SYSAdmin email, and provide the original and desired database names in the mail.

Noted: The account name must be composed of English letters or numbers, and cannot contain special symbols or spaces.

Tab Path Parameter

Tab path parameters are associated with tab naming during creation. Even if the tab name is changed later, the tab path parameter remains constant.

Rules differ based on whether the tab name is in English or a non-English language:


When naming a tab in English, the tab path parameter matches the name. If the named tab path parameter exists, a number is appended.

For example, if "demo" is a new tab name and the corresponding tab path parameter doesn't exist, it's named "demo". If the "demo" tab path parameter exists, the next becomes "demo2", and so on.

Other languages ​​containing English (eg: French, Spanish) or English strings with special symbols

Special symbols in non-English names are ignored for the tab path parameter, and the system will also verify whether the tab path parameter already exists.

For example, naming a tab "démo" yields "dmo" as the tab path parameter. If the "dmo" tab path exists, the subsequent path becomes "dmo2", and so on.

Non-English Languages (eg: Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Naming a tab with non-English language or only special symbols, the tab path parameter will automatically assign the "forms" tab, and the system will also verify whether the tab path parameter already exists.

For example, naming a tab "範例" leads to a "forms" tab path parameter. If "forms" already exists, the next becomes "forms1", and so on.

Sheet Path Parameter

Sheet path parameters are auto-generated based on sheet creation order in the tab. They're unique and unmodifiable. Deleting or reordering sheets won't change these parameters. The first sheet created under a tab is labeled "1," the second is "2," and so forth. If a sheet is moved from another tab, it will be assigned a new number.

Ragic Template sheet URL

The URL of the Ragic template sheets downloaded from the install template is fixed and cannot be modified.

The quickest way to identify a Ragic template sheet is by examining the sheet path parameter. Typically, the sheet parameters of template sheets are five digits starting with "1" or "2" (e.g., 1XXXX or 2XXXX). For example: ap10.ragic.com/ragicdemo/ragicsales/20001

Summary and Example

Based on the aforementioned rule explanation, in cases where the server name and account name remain unchanged, the only adjustable component within the Ragic sheet URL is the tab path parameter. If you directly create a tab using non-English characters, the tab path parameter will commence with "forms," accompanied by a numerical value.

To customize the tab path, create the tab with an English name initially. Subsequently, you can modify the name after its creation. Please note that altering the name at a later point will not impact the tab path.

For altering the tab path of an existing sheet, you can refer to the following example:

Original sheet URL: www.ragic.com/ragicdemo/forms1/1

Desired URL: www.ragic.com/ragicdemo/demo/1

Adjustment Steps:

1. Create a tab named "demo" in English.

2. Rename the tab to the required name.

3. Transfer the original sheet under this tab.

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