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How do I design templates and list them on Ragic Template Library?

If you want to create a template and upload it on Ragic Template Library, please check this page and follow the steps below:

1. Apply to become a Ragic Consulting Partner

Before building a template, you should first obtain the qualification as a Ragic Partner. Here is how to apply as a Ragic Consulting Partner.

2. Apply for a Template Library Account

After successfully becoming a Ragic Partner, fill out the Template Library Accounts Application Form to request a template database account.

3. Design your template in the Template Library Database Account

Once we receive your application, we'll set up a dedicated database account with System Administrator rights for you. Use this database to design your templates. You will have a three-month usage period after your application is approved. If you need more time, contact our customer support team at support@ragic.com for an extension.

Keep in mind that backup and restore features are not available in this template database account. You'll need to create your sheets from scratch. However, if you've already designed sheets in your own database, you can use the Cross Account Sheet Copier to transfer them into the Template Library Database Account.

4. Submit an application to list the template

Once you have finished designing your template, fill out the Template Update Request Form. Provide all the required information such as the template name, description, screenshots of sheets, user manual, etc.

5. Template upload completed

If your application is approved, Ragic will provide a 'Template ID' for you to access all relevant information regarding your template.

6. Set the pricing if it is a paid template

If your template is a paid template, users who want to purchase it can contact our customer support via email to request a quote. Our customer support team will then provide a quote based on the pricing information you provided and handle the subsequent payment.

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