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Why companies manage projects with Ragic, not Notion?

Built-in calendar sync, email notifications, and approval flow. Ragic works best for teams and companies! More

Why Ragic is better than monday.com for enterprises?

Ragic is more capable of dealing with real-world business logics and huge volumes of data. More

Ragic General Affair Management System

Having a hard time managing office supplies? Stop running out of stock and over-ordering! With Ragic, you can easily manage, purchase office supplies, and approve the request from employees in one go. More

Ragic VS Google Forms, which the best online form to collect and organize data?

Create surveys and organize responses much more efficiently with many powerful Ragic functions! More

Ragic Project Management System

Having difficulties keeping track of every single income, expense, and task item of projects? Ragic can sort it all out for you! Allow real-time tracking, automate workflow, and generating reports with one click, helping you see the big picture. More

Ragic ERP System

A tailor-made ERP system with an affordable price! From purchasing, sales order, to inventory management, Ragic covers core business functions and also is available for further customization. More

Ragic CRM System

A no-code CRM system that can be fully customized to fit your business. When you need to keep track of leads, customers, quotes, contracts, and sales opportunities, we have you covered. More

Inventory Management System

Are you suffering from stockouts and wasting lots of time on performing inventory audits? What you need is Ragic, an inventory management system that really fits your workflows. More

Purchasing Management System

Using Excel to manage procurement data is outdated. However, implementing ERP package is also exhausting and not cost-effective. Ragic is your best choice! The only procurement software that's flexible and easy to use. More

Sales Order Management System

Stop using Excel to manage sales order data. You are not just sacrificing efficiency, but also risking your business with human errors. Let Ragic help you deal with all kinds of data. More

Why enterprises choose Ragic over Airtable

Ragic meets the needs of businesses and is much more affordable. More

Generating Word and Excel documents directly from your Ragic database

Ragic supports generating Word and Excel documents directly from your database with Mail Merge. More

Become a Ragic Educator!

Want to use Ragic to introduce database application or data management to your students? Apply to our Ragic Educator program! More

Building databases in Ragic is like having insanely powerful add-ins in Excel!

Ragic is an online database which allows you to import data from and export to Excel files! Upgrade your Excel files to Ragic database and enjoy its powerful features: sheet linking, approval flows, access control, and many more- in just one click. More

Does consolidating data from separate Excel files frustrates you?

Stuck in a copy-paste nightmare every time you work in separate Excel files with others? Need to compile data from different worksheets but is clueless about VLOOKUP or VBA? Ragic provides a better solution! More

Easily control database access rights in Ragic!

Determine users' access rights to view, edit, or create entries in your database! More

Data management tools of all kinds- for FREE!

31 FREE templates to meet the needs of multifarious data management purposes: ERP, CRM, production management, inventory management, HR forms, project management, ... You name it! More

Generate reports with less effort

Ragic cloud database allows you to automatically generate reports in a form of Grantt chart, hub analysis, barcodes, calendar, and ranking report from your database with just one click! Save your frequently viewed reports for quick access in the future! More

Introducing Ragic's ultimate search and query function.

Ragic takes data search, query, and filter to the NEXT LEVEL! More

Security at Ragic

Various security measures at Ragic:ISO 27001 certified, Privacy Shield certified, GDPR compliance, HIPAA compliance, SSL and disk encryption, remote backup, multi-level access control, on-premise supported. More

Merging & syncing data across platforms

Integrate Ragic with other data management systems/ platforms to make a backbone database with less sweat and (a lot less) gold! More

Always missing your data?

Keep track of every tiny change in your business without extra work. More

On-line database anytime, anywhere!

Forgetting things within seconds? Ragic provide on-line database solution that you can access anytime and anywhere. More

Online approval flow

Still waiting for approval, unsure of which stage you are stuck at? More

Get ahead of important deadlines with automated reminders!

Whether you’d like to remind assigned users of the task deadline or send out delivery notes to clients, reminders will be automatically sent once settings are configured. Just set the intended date and recipients, and your reminders are good to go! More

Synchronize calendar with database data

Save your time and energy by syncing your calendar apps with the schedule in your Ragic database! More

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