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What if I can use Excel like this…

Excel is convenient to use, but hard to share and collaborate with others. If I can easily share my Excel file with others online and set access rights on every single Excel worksheet, that would be great! — Have you ever think about that?

"Upgrade" your excel by using this magic tool!

Ragic -- An online database which can turn your Excel files into a database system and have features like online sharing and access control!

What is Ragic?

Ragic is an online database tool which is as easy as Excel, but with much more powerful features, including:
Import your Excel file easily!

How to “add” these features on my Excel file?

You can import your Excel file to Ragic as long as your Excel looks like this↓ (click here for more detailed explanation)

Easy to renew

Just want to update some field values? No problem! You can select “renew data” policy when importing data.

Export your Excel file anytime you like

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