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Account Billing


To make your database's first subscription, you can click on the Upgrade Account link at the top right corner of the page to start your subscription. You can choose your Ragic plan from the Pricing page, and continue on to your trial for your upgraded account.

You can enjoy the full trial days even if you subscribe before your free trial expires. The new subscription will be added on to your free trial, and will start when your trial ends.

Modify Plan

You can also upgrade or change plans at any time by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page and selecting Account Billing under Account Setup.

In the Account Billing, it tells your current account plan, including the billing cycle, next billing date, the number of licensed users, billing amount, as well as your accounts' billing contact.

You can change your plan or plan details, update your credit card information, billing contact E-mail, invoice detail, and other information that will appear on your invoices such as Company Name or VAT number. You may also purchase add-ons such as SMS credits or extra storage space.

Regarding the pricing changes with modifying plans or the number of users, please refer to this article.

If you cancel your subscription, your data will be safely saved on our server. You can reactivate your account anytime. To completely delete your account, please refer to this page.

Manual Payment Subscription Modification

For databases paid manually, you can also submit a modification request online.

For databases paid manually, the fee calculation when modifying your database's plan or the number of subscribed users can be referred to this document. If you would like to modify your subscription, please select the plan to change to and enter the number of additional users below. After your submission, Ragic will contact you in 1-2 business days to process your quotation and subscription.

Billing History

Clicking on the Billing History tab will show you the details of your previous payments.

You can access the invoices of your payments by clicking on a line item through the links in your payment description column.

The information you fill in the “Invoice Detail” box will appear next to the “Bill to”, and the information you fill in the “Billing Contact E-mail” will appear next to “Billing Contact”. If you would like to add more information to the invoice for reimbursement, you may fill it in the “Invoice Detail” box.

If you don’t fill in the “Invoice Detail” box, what appears next to “Bill to” would be the “Organization Name” field value on your “Company Setting” sheet.

On-premises Subscription

If you haven't subscribed to any paid plan, you can purchase an on-premises license through hyperlinks.

If you have subscribed to a plan, you can modify your plan in On-premises subscription management. Click the pencil icon to add licenses or upgrade plan, or click the X icon to unsubscribe.

Right here, you will be choosing the number of users and then make your payment online directly.

After completing your order, we will send you the license file within 24 hours on business days.

Cancel Subscription

Please go to the Hamburger Menu. On the left sidebar, click on Account Billing, and find Cancel Subscription.

Canceling subscription will not affect your data. Your data would be suspended but secure, and you can always return to using Ragic. If you would like to delete your account entirely, please refer to this article.

Note: If you cancel your account before the end of the prepaid licensing period, any remaining unused time will not be refunded.

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