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Reservation System

Sometimes, you might need to manage reservations for equipment or meeting rooms. In this case, Ragic's Reservation System can be very helpful.

A well-established Reservation System will work like this:

1.Select reservation date

2. View available times of reservation items (such as meeting rooms).

After selecting your item to reserve, you can select how long to book for and enter a description if needed to make a reservation.

If other users would like to make a reservation, they will see the other saved reservations on the system and will not be able to select the time frames that have already been booked by others.

Designing Your Reservation System

If you want to add a Reservation System to your database, you can install the Meeting Room Manager or Meeting Room Manager (Open to Public) template, which can be found under the Administration category in install templates. If needed, you may modify the template to better fit your needs or even build your sheets from scratch.

When configuring the Reservation System report, the report's source sheet must have the five following fields:

1. Item: This field allows users to select which item to reserve. This field must be a selection field or a linked field. Some common item types could include: meeting rooms, equipment, classes, doctor appointments, etc.

2. Start Time: This is the start time of your reservation and it must be a date field. In this field, you must have the date and time included in the format, such as yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss.

3. End Time: This is the end time of your reservation and it must be a date field. In this field, you must have the date and time included in the format, such as yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss.

4. Reserved By: This field will display the person making the reservation, and you may select the following field types depending on your access rights settings:

(1) Select User Field: Allows only your internal and external users to access the system. You may also select Defaulted to current user to let your users make the reservations for themselves in default. When selecting the select user field, the reservations that belong to the user himself/herself will be red, the reservations that belong to others will be blue.

(2) Email Field: Allows guest users (without account) to access the system.

(3) Free Text Field: Allows guest users (without account) to access the system.

(4) Linked or Selection Field: Allows users that exist in the linked source sheet or selection menu to access the system.

5. Remarks: This field is for users to enter their remarks or reasons. However, this field must be a free text field.

6. Start time Increments: Set the time length for each reservation session, such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes, etc.

7. Available days and times: Set the available days and times. You may select Custom to configure the settings of your available times in detail. For example, you may only be available on Monday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, or open/close other specified dates and times.

Note: Only SYSAdmins and Tab SYSAdmins can access the configuration interface.

Using Your Reservation System

Users can use the pre-defined Reservation System found under the Reports Tab if they have access rights to the source sheet and

Create & View Report feature in Feature Access Settings.

In the reservation system, you can select the date to make a reservation first. After that, you can choose the item to reserve (if you change your reservation item, please click View this day's schedule to refresh). Finally, in the next step, you can click the time you would like to reserve.

After selecting your reservation time, a window will appear on the right to show your reservation details. In this window, you can type your remarks and click Make a reservation to confirm your reservation.

Users can come back to the system to editing their saved reservations.


1. If one of the following conditions apply to your reservation record, it will not be displayed in the Reservation System:

(1) The start time is later than the end time.

(2) The record is from the past

(3) If two reservation records share the same time frames (only the reservation made first will be displayed)

2. Only SYSAdmin and Tab Admin can access to the configuring interface.

3. The time is based on Company Local Time Zone in Company Setting.

4. If you would like to open your system to guest users, you need to set the access rights of the EVERYONE user group as Survey Users or Bulletin Users. However, if your guest users close their web browsers, they will not be able to edit previous reservations. They would need to contact the SYSAdmins if they would like to edit their previous reservations.

5. If the user doesn't have the access rights to view other records, other saved reservation records will be displayed as a grey session and they won't be able to see who made the reservation.

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