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Recent Changes

Other than viewing the history of a record, SYSAdmins can also access the edit history for multiple sheets by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page and selecting Recent Changes under Database Management.

Recent Record Changes

On the Recent Changes page, you can view the modification history of all records.

Click on the modified records to see details of additions and modifications.

To view all edits on a specific sheet, date, or by a particular modifying user, click on History Filter.

Database Design Changes

At the bottom of the Recent Changes page, you can also see the history of design changes for all sheets.

Reverting Mass Update

If you want to revert previous Mass Update, click the Revert Icon next to the history of a Mass Update.

Please note that it is not suggested to revert Mass Update if:

1. The design on related field(s) has been changed.

2. The Mass Update was made a long time ago.

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