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Form Pages and Listing Pages

The Ragic Sheet: Database management made simple

One unique advantage of Ragic is the use of Sheets to manage data. Sheets are the customized databases that house your information. For example, you might design a sheet named Contacts to store your contact information, or a sheet named Sales Orders to track and record sales. Each Ragic sheet has two sides, or building blocks: a Form Page and a Listing Page.

Together, these components make up the core of the Ragic system. We will give you a better concept of Form Pages and Listing Pages in the following sections, but let’s start with a general overview.

Form Pages and Listing Pages

A Form Page provides a record of the full details of a single entry as an individual page.

A Listing Page provides a summary overview of a set of entries, similar to a directory or Table of Contents.

Form pages are what you should use to create new records, as they will always contain the complete field inputs for a single entry. Form pages can contain hundreds of fields in larger applications, all of which can be accessed by a single click. Listing pages, on the other hand, typically contain just enough fields from each form page to make records easily searchable while allowing users to visually recognize individual entries.

In the example below, clicking on the highlighted order from the listing page will pull up the form page for that particular sales record, including customer information and a detailed breakdown of the purchased products.

Next Steps

To explore creating your own Ragic Sheet, head here.

Video tutorial

To get a clearer idea of how listing and form pages will make using your Ragic database easier, please watch the short video tutorial provided below.

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