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Form Pages and Listing Pages

Listing Pages and Form Pages are the unique advantages of Ragic compared to other spreadsheet software, and they are very important concepts in usage.

Listing Pages:Provides a summary overview of all data in the sheet.

Form Pages:Displays detailed information of a single data/record.

The Listing Page and the Form Page are two sides of one sheet. Adding data on either side will synchronize to the other side. When entering the sheet, you will first see the Listing Page. Clicking on a record will lead you to the Form Page for detailed information.

In the example below, when you enter the "Sales Order" sheet, it will lead you to the Listing Page. From there, you can browse multiple sales orders. Clicking on one of the records will take you to the Form Page for detailed information.

Designing the Form Page

When modifying sheet design, it will start from the Form Page. You can create fields under the Form Page design mode.

There must be at least two independent fields to save the design.

You will be able to create Subtable fields only after the independent fields are created.

Designing the Listing Page

When creating the sheet, there is usually no need to separately design the Listing Page. When you save the Form Page, the Listing Page will be automatically generated, arranging all fields from the Form Page horizontally in the Listing Page format. Please do not add fields outside of the first row.

To access the Listing Page design mode, you can click on "Change Design" on the Listing Page.

While in the Form Page design mode, you can click the arrow at the top-right corner to access the Listing Page design mode.

To explore more detail about creating your own Ragic Sheet, please head here.

Listing Page Field Picker

In Listing Page design mode, you can use the Listing Page Field Picker to decide which fields will appear on the Listing Page and their order. If there are numerous fields, use the filter tool at the top to find the desired fields.

"Gray-background fields" within the Listing Page Field Picker are automatically generated by the system. You can also add them to the Listing Page if needed.

Updating Field Names on the Listing Page

When modifying field names on the Form Page that also exist on the Listing Page, after saving, the system will ask you whether to sync the names of the fields on the Listing Page.

Note: If you choose not to update the names of these fields, the system will not display the message when you modify the names of the same fields next time.

Video Tutorial

To get clearer concepts of Listing Pages and Form Pages, you can refer to the following tutorial video.

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