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Global Constant

If you don't see one of the settings mentioned below in your Company Settings sheet and you would like to use it, please send an email to so we can help manually update your system default sheets.

What are global constants?

When you're adding a formula or working on creating a Javascript workflow in Ragic, there might be some character strings such as your company URL, company name, and company address that you type often. To configure global constants, click the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page, and select Global Constant under Account Setup.

As the SYSAdmin of the database, you can save parameters as global constants. You can later refer to these global constants to auto-populate the company website or address in javascript workflows and in formulas. When you need to update this information in the future for fields that have a global constant with a formula, all you need to do is update the field value in the "Global Constant" sheet and then run a formula recalculation.

Field description

Field Name Description
Constant name Name of the constant. Spaces are not allowed in this field.
Constant value Value that will to be replaced by global constant.
Constant type Type of the constant. Please choose from the dropdown menu.
Effective date (GMT) Effective date of the constant (optional).
Expiry date (GMT) Expiry date of the constant (optional).

After configuration, please enter the constant name as below in your workflow or formula with a c_ as the prefix. Ragic will recognize the constant, and replace it with the constant value.

c_Constant name


As shown in the image above, when writing scripts or formulas, will be auto-populated once you enter c_Website.

If you select array as your constant type, the constant value should be a numeric array such as [1,2,3,4,5] or a text array such as ['test','item2','item3'].

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