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Custom Action Buttons

Action button types

On sheet design page, you can add custom action buttons.

1. Convert Records

2. Update Values

3. Update Value On Another Sheet

4. Send Custom E-mail

5. Combine Buttons can let you execute multiple actions through a single button click, for example, simultaneously executing Create Delivery Note (Convert records) and SO Complete (Update values).

6. Create custom buttons to have easy access to your frequently used tools

You can edit existing custom buttons from the design page by going to Custom Buttons section and clicking on the action button name you'd like to edit. Save changes after you finish.

Additional settings

These settings can be found under Design mode > Form Settings > Actions.

Note: The custom buttons under the form tool, including Convert Record, Update Values, Update Value On Another Sheet, and Send Custom E-mail, cannot be added through the left side toolbar or created by copying the code. They must be added in the button's configuration interface.

Confirm before execution

To prevent users from accidentally clicking on action buttons, you can configure the action buttons to be Confirmed before execution. With this configuration, users will have to confirm that they would like to execute the action.

Only executable when approved

In some situations, executing action buttons make significant changes to existing entries. In order to have another layer of security, you can configure the action buttons to be executable only when approved in the approval flow.

Hide this action button

If you would like to hide some action buttons, for example, after combining two action buttons, you will not have the option to delete the old action buttons, but you can hide it to prevent users from accidentally clicking.

Action available for these user groups

It's very common for a sheet to be accessible by multiple user groups, with different access right privileges.

For example, while a user group might be a "Viewer" who can only view entries, "Admin" or "Bulletin Users", on the same sheet would be able to modify entries. In most cases users who have "Viewer" access rights shouldn't be able to view or click on the action button. As the result, you can have a more fine-tuned control on the access rights for each action button through this additional setting.

By default, the action buttons are available for the EVERYONE user group, which means that anyone who has access to the sheet would be able to execute this action. You can click on the dropdown arrow under "Action available for these user groups" to select the user groups you would like to grant access to.

Only available for users who can edit this entry

Sometimes you would like to allow users to modify entries with action buttons, but only the entries that they have editing rights to. In this case, you can check Only available for users who can edit this entry. With this being configured, this action button will be only available for users on the records that they have editing rights to, and not on the records that they can only view.

Display execution status

When this setting is enabled, a progress indicator will appear in the lower left corner. This helps prevent misunderstandings or concerns about the button not working or system failures when some actions take longer to execute.

Removing action buttons

You can delete the action buttons under Form Page Design Mode > On the left side panel > Form Settings > Actions > click x next to the action button you don't need > Save design changes.

Other use cases

1. Scan QR code to execute action buttons by using action barcode.

2. Adding action buttons into fields.

3. Hiding or locking action buttons through conditional formatting, please refer to this article.

4. Put a field’s ID as a parameter in the link address, so you can go to different pages based on its different field values through the action button.

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