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What are Reminders?

You can set Reminders that are triggered by the values entered into the date fields in Ragic. You will have the option to send the reminders according to your daily workflow execution time. You can send reminders to the Entry Creator or the values on the Select User Field, Select Group Field, or E-mail Field when creating the form. Once the reminder is triggered, you'll receive a notification mail and the reminder will show up on the Event Calendar.

Setting up Reminders

To access the reminder settings in a form from Design Mode, go to the Form Settings tab and click on the Reminder tab.

Here you can set reminders according to the fields that contain dates. You will only have to do this once in your form design, and Ragic will send reminders automatically according to the date values entered into entries. You can set as many reminders as you want.

In the example below, we have already set two reminders for a Sales Order form that contains two date fields. A reminder will be sent to the data creator, and we're adding a new one for the field "Shipping Date", which will send a notification to the customer's e-mail the day an order is shipped.

Do not merge e-mails to the same receiver

It will affect whether to merge the reminders to the same receiver on the same day. If you choose to merge e-mails to the same receiver, you won't be able to customize the e-mail subject.

When the setting is unchecked, all reminders will be included in one e-mail thread.

When the setting is checked, each reminder will be sent as a separate e-mail.

Only for records matching shared view

In addition to fulfilling the date rule of the reminder, you can also send out emails only for records matching a specific shared view. For instance, you can provide promo codes to customers who haven't confirmed their orders (matching "status - draft") five days after creating them.

How Reminder e-mails are displayed

The image below shows the order shipping reminder e-mail.

Custom reminder e-mail

You can customize the subject and the content of your e-mail notification by clicking on Custom Email.

In the pop-up window, you can design the e-mail template using HTML formatting and the variables. Check all supported variables here.

You can click on which will show you a demo of how the custom e-mail looks like. If you decide to use our standard template instead, click on will discard all the changes you've made. Once you've finished editing, remember to save before you exit the pop-up window.

Reminder on the Event Calendar

Once a reminder is triggered, it will show up on the Event Calendar on the database homepage.

The title of the reminder on the event calendar will be the same as the subject line of the custom reminder e-mail. If you would like to change the title, you may customize the subject in the Custom E-mail link on the Reminder menu.

If you don't want to display the reminder on the event calendar, you may uncheck the box "Add this reminder to events calendar when record saved " in the Form Settings tab:

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