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Entry Review

What is Entry Review?

You can use the Reviewer field to assign specific users to review certain entries.

Users will receive a review notification.

There will also be a notification in the task.

After users open the entry, a green check mark and the read time will be automatically displayed.

This feature is for users who already have access to the entry. If the reviewer does not have sufficient access rights, they will still receive a review notification and a task but won't be able to access the entry. To grant users management rights to the entry, please assign it to them.

Setting up Entry Review

Add a Reviewer field in the sheet or create a Select User field and choose the option Invite user to review this record.

By default, all users with access to this sheet can be selected as reviewers. If necessary, you can specify a group, such as the "Sales Department" group, limiting the selection to users within that group.

You can also set multiple users to be reviewers by checking the Multiple select option.

Custom Review Email

You can customize the subject and content of your review notification email.

In the pop-up window, you can design the email template using HTML formatting and the variables. Check all supported variables here.

Click on the preview button to confirm the custom email. If you decide to use our default template instead, use will discard all the changes you've made.

Furthermore, you can attach a URL, Excel, PDF, or Mail Merge file of the record, or other attachments.

If you attach the URL of the record, please ensure that the reviewers have access rights to the entry. Otherwise, they'll still receive the review invitation and task, but won't be able to access the entry through the URL.

Remember to "Save" before exiting the window.

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