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Periodic Import from URL

The URL of your import file

Please make sure that the link is for downloading as .csv or .xlsx file that opening the link in browser will download the .csv or .xlsx file.

And the Protocol (http:// or https://) should be included in the URL as well.

In order to allow Ragic to access your import file and process the import, please make sure that your imported file is a CSV or an XLS file that can be downloaded by anyone when clicking on its link. (We suggest testing this by clicking on the link to download the file without logging in to any applications using a private/incognito window. For example, if your periodic import from URL is using the link generated from Google Sheet, please make sure that you can click on the link to download the file without logging in to your Google account.)

If you have a spreadsheet file that is updated periodically, and this file is stored in the cloud, you can have Ragic import this file from a URL and automatically update your records within your Ragic sheet with Periodic import from URL. You can choose to keep your data synchronized from the URL.

In order to periodically import your file from a URL, please make sure that you uploaded file is formatted correctly. Similar to the Ragic import process, you'll need to prepare your import files with the first row as the headers of the fields, and the other rows as the corresponding values.

Once you have your import file ready, please make sure that you are hosting your file online. Some online spreadsheet applications such as Google sheets will also let you publish your sheets to the web, which will give you the URL link to your file that you can use for the import process.

Periodic Import from URL

Navigate to the Tools menu on your form, and select Periodic import from URL under Import.

Enter your file URL to the import process, and select your file type. You can use .csv, .xlsx, .xls, and .txt files with this import process. Please use the full URL to do the periodic import, which should include the Protocol (http:// or https://)

If you check the option Keep data synchronized from the URL, Ragic will automatically import data from your file hosted on the URL every day. The data on your sheet will be overwritten by the imported data if you do select this option.

Follow the import wizard through the next few steps. Determine if your first row is the header. If so, Ragic will automatically determine how the data in this row will be mapped to your fields for the next step.

Check to see if all the target fields are correct. This is especially important if you have similar names for two separate fields. You can also choose to ignore columns of data that you do not want to import. Note that the target field values should also be in the correct formatting, such as the date format. If you're importing into a "select user" field, you will need to have the user's e-mail that's used in Ragic instead of the username that you see to uniquely identify the person.

Note: Currently, importing Subtable records is not supported. To import Subtable records, please Create a New Sheet From the Subtable, and then import the records into the new sheet.

Choose the import policy to handle duplicated keys during your import.

If you choose Create new entry, new entries will be created containing data with the same key values.

If you choose Renew data, your existing data will be updated if you have entries with the same key value, and new entries will be created for the key values that aren't in your database.

If you choose Update without creating new data, your existing data will be updated if you have entries with the same key value, and entries with key values which aren't in your database will not be imported. 

You can configure Advanced Settings in the Import Policy if necessary.

Ragic will import your data from the hosted file, and update records accordingly if you've selected the option to keep data in sync with your hosted file.

For more information on importing from Excel files stored in OneDrive or Google sheet, please refer to this article.

Import execution time

Once you set up periodic import from URL, it will execute an import right away. If you choose to Renew data, the system will set up a daily execution time of this function according to the Daily Workflow Execution Time setting, which you can set up in your Company settings. If you would like to change the execution time of this function, you may configure it from Job Schedules under Account Setup.

(Please note that if you initially set up "Periodic import from URL", and then change the "Daily Workflow Execution Time" in Company settings, the previously saved job "Periodic import from URL" won't be updated, so you will need to make this configuration from Job Schedules.)

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