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Tuning the Layout of Your Sheets and Tabs

You can adjust the appearance of your sheet in the Design Mode and design specific versions for printing purposes.

Changing the Height and Width of Your Fields

In Form Page

Adjusting the height and width of cells works the same way as in Excel. You can drag the right border of a column to adjust its width and the bottom border of a row to adjust its height.

In Listing Page

You can adjust the width of a column by dragging its right border and the height of all rows by dragging the bottom border of one row.

Directly Set Column Width or Row Height

You can right-click the column or row you want to edit and select the Column Width or Row Height option. Then, directly enter "pixel values" to adjust the column width or row height in the pop-up window.

Additionally, you can drag multiple fields and adjust their widths or heights simultaneously.

Changing the Style of Field Headers and Values

You can modify the style of field headers or values from the Styles tab on the left sidebar in the Design Mode, including color, font size and style, and text alignment.

This can be done separately for Form and Listing Pages.

If you want to apply custom styling to field values while entering data, you can use BBCodes for text formatting.

Adding Field Borders

You can also add Borders to field headers and values from the Styles tab in the left sidebar. This can be done separately for Form and Listing Pages.

Click on the Border Icon under the Label Style or the Value Style formatting toolbar.

A formatting menu will display options for choosing the borders and their color and style.

Copying Styles

You can click the Copy Styles to apply the same style configurations to the next clicked field.

To apply a selected style to multiple fields, check Paste copied styles to multiple fields.

Clearing Styles

Clear Style of This Field

You can clear the style of a single field by clicking Clear style of this field under the Styles tab.

Clear Style of All Fields

You can clear all the styles and Themes in this sheet by clicking Clear style of all fields.

Applying a Theme

You can also apply the preselected theme to a Form Page or Listing Page. To preview available themes, click the Select Theme Icon under the Styles tab, then select and apply the theme of your choice.

Moving Fields

You can move fields by dragging and dropping in the Design Mode.

If you want to move the Subtable, please refer to this section.

Formatting Static Text Fields

For formatting Static Text Fields, please refer to this section.

Spanning (Merging) Cells

You can span fields across multiple columns by selecting Column Span (Merge Cells) option in the left sidebar under the Basic tab. It will merge the number of fields you input within the same row.

In static text fields, you can do this the same way or simply by dragging the lower-right corner of the field.

Changing Tab Color

To change the color of a tab, right-click to access the context menu and select Change Color.

This will display a Color Picker, where you can choose a color swatch, or enter a hexadecimal code. Then, click Save Color to apply it.

Changing Tab Icon

To change the Tab Icon, right-click to access the context menu and select Change Icon.

A pop-up menu will be displayed. Choose or upload the icon you would like to apply to your tab.

Video Tutorial

For a clearer demonstration, you can refer to the following tutorial video.

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