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Mobile App Layout Settings

On the web interface, you can modify the layout and field order of both the Listing and Form Pages on the Ragic mobile app.

Modify the Layout of the Listing Page

To modify the layout of the Listing Page on the Ragic mobile app, go to the Listing Page > Change Design > Form Tools > Mobile app layout setting.

After clicking on Mobile app layout setting, you will see two sections. In the upper part, You can select six fields and place them in corresponding positions. The bottom part shows the preview of your current layout.

Remember to save your settings before exiting the design mode.

The circle on the left will only display the first letter of the referenced field value. If there is an image field on your sheet, you can place it here to display its thumbnail.

After saving, you will see the configured layout in the app.

Modify the Layout of the Form Page

The Ragic mobile app's Form Page displays fields vertically. By default, it follows the sequence of fields in the "web interface" from left to right and then from top to bottom.

To change the order of fields, go to the Form Page > Change Design > Form Tools > Mobile app layout setting.

You can rearrange the order of both independent field and Field Description through the arrow button on the right side. The positions of Subtables cannot be changed and will remain at the bottom of the Form Page.

You can also restore to default layout.

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