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Sheet Sections

Feature Overview

As fields and subtables multiply in a sheet, you might need to constantly scroll up and down to check information, and the sheet might take longer to load.

This is a good chance to apply Sheet Sections. You can group rows into different sections, and view each section by selecting different tabs on the same row-level without scrolling.

The benefits of Sheet Sections include:

1. Avoid constant scrolling when sheet becomes too long

2. Organize related fields and subtables in the same section

3. Increase page load speed

Design guide

First, select the rows you would like to group as a section. You can select both independent fields and subtables.

Right-click on selected rows to Create Section.

Click + next to section tabs to add a new section.

Choose which row the new section will end on. Note that all sections will need to be adjacent to each other (without empty rows in between), and a subtable cannot be separated into 2 sections.

Click on a tab to rename it.

Right-click on the tab name allows you to edit the style of the tab, such as adjusting font size, font, color, and more.

Click x to cancel the section.

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