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Guest Users: Temporary Log In Without Signing Up

Setting up a Guest User Field

Ragic has a convenient way of giving temporary log-in rights for guests without them having to register an account on Ragic (to be added to your database account). This can be done by setting a Guest User e-mail validation attribute. To do this, set the field type as an E-mail field, and check the Email id checkbox below.

Note: This feature is only for emails that are not user accounts in your database.

Guest User Log-in

When this attribute is set to a field in the form, the temporary user will need to put down their e-mail in this field. As the entry is saved, Ragic will automatically send an e-mail to this e-mail address. This e-mail will contain a link that can authenticate that the guest user is the owner of this e-mail, which they can use to log in to Ragic and access that entry. Please note that the link is for one-time access and valid for 1 month. If the user clicks the link more than once or after expiration, the system will send a new valid link to the guest user's e-mail address.

Ragic would now determine which records the guest user has permission to view and edit. This type of temporary login is usually used so that the guest users can see and edit changes in the entries they have created.


Anyone who has the authentication link will have the guest user login access. Therefore, it is important to remind the e-mail recipient not to share the link with others.

Do not email when editing entry

By default, the system will send emails to guest users when the entry has been edited manually or by action buttons. You may check this setting if you do not want to email guest users in this situation.

Custom E-mail Template

You can customize the subject and the content of your e-mail notification by clicking on the Custom Email link under the chosen E-mail field type.

In the pop-up window, you can design the e-mail template using HTML formatting and use the variables. You can customize the subject and the content of your e-mail notification by clicking on the Custom Review Email link under Invite user to review this record.

In the pop-up window, you can design the e-mail template using HTML formatting and variables. Check all supported variables here.

You can click on which will show you an example of how the custom e-mail looks like. If you decide to use our standard template instead, click on will discard all the changes you've made.

Furthermore, you may also attach the URL, Excel, PDF, or mail merge file of the record; or other attachments. When you attach the URL of the record, please make sure you have granted access rights to the sheet to the recipients. Otherwise, they'll have a blank page when they access the database through the entry URL.

Once the editing is completed, remember to save before you exit the pop-up window.

Resend Verification Email

A verification e-mail is sent out when your record is created, with the e-mail address that is entered in the Guest User e-mail field. A verification e-mail will be sent out when the record is updated as well.

To manually re-send the verification e-mail without updating the record, you can click on the blue "E-mail" icon next to the field name.


The limitations of temp log-in IDs are that:

1. The guest user will always need to access the entry from the link sent with that e-mail.

2. Guest users cannot be managed in customized groups, they only belong to "EVERYONE" group, therefore you cannot assign different privileges to them through Ragic's access right settings.

3. If you have entered your database’s internal or external user’s email address in the guest user authentication field, the user will still not be able to access the entry by clicking the record link in the email if he or she does not have the respective access rights to the entry.

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