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User Groups

What are User Groups?

By adding users to different user groups, and setting up access rights on each sheet, you can manage the level of access - viewing, creating, or modifying entries - each user group has on each sheet.

Add or Modify User Groups Through your Account Setup

You can add new user groups by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page, and select Groups under User Access.

Group Administrator and Tabs

Group Administrator:Group administrators can create, update, and suspend users in the user group. They can also add sheets to a Group Tab or make design changes to the sheets under a Group Tab.

Group Tabs:To add a tab as Group Tab, enter the tab's URL slug in the Group Tabs field (e.g. /forms1, as it appears in the last part of the tab’s URL). Separate each tab by commas when there are multiple tabs.

Add user groups under Design Mode

You can quickly add a new user group under Design Mode while you are setting up access rights. Go to Form Settings > Access Rights, and click on "Add User Group" under the list of existing user groups.

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