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How to let non-SYSAdmins access Design Mode?

SYSAdmins are the only users who have access rights to all data and features in a Ragic database. SYSAdmin can create sheets, change sheet design, and rearrange the order of tabs and sheets. However, in some cases, you might want to allow users other non-SYSAdmin users to change the design of certain sheets. For instance, a sales manager might have a better idea of how to tweak the sheet design under the "Sales" tab.

SYSAdmins can grant selected users the right to access the Design Mode of sheets under certain tabs. This can be done by navigating to the Hamburger Menu > User Acesss > Groups, and assigning the selected users as Group Administrators. After completing the steps, please enter the URL slug of the tabs you would like them to edit in the Group Tabs field (e.g. /forms1, as it appears in the last part of the tab’s URL). Once completing all the steps, the group administrators will be able to add sheets to a Group Tab, make design changes to the sheets under that tab, and access all features under the Group Tab.

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