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External Users

What are External Users?

External users can be clients, vendors, partners, freelancers or other people who are not in your organization, but would like to access your Ragic account. Ragic allows an unlimited number of free External Users in your account.

External users can log on and access your Ragic account just like any other users, but with just a few restrictions:

  1. They can only be Survey User or Viewer on a Ragic sheet. Meaning that they can only either see and edit records that are assigned to them, or have read-only access to all the records on a sheet. These two are typical use cases for people outside of your organization.
  2. They do not have access to certain functions inside the Tools or Reports button. These buttons are generally for internal users to manage and analyze your data.
  3. They cannot submit a record for approval. But they can approve or reject a record if they are included in an approval flow.

Important note: If your account was created before Fall 2015, please view this documentation on managing your external users.

Enabling External Users in your Account

To enable the external user function in your account, click the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page, and select External Users under User Access.

Fill the form to submit your application to enable external users in your account for the Ragic team to review.

Once your application is approved, you will have access to the external user management panel that will display external users in your account.

User Groups for External Users

External users can only belong to user groups with names that begin with X-, such as X-User. You can add your own user groups with names that begin with an X-, such as X-Vendors or X-Partners. The X- prefix specifies that this user group is an external user group. The system default group for external users is X-User, which will include all your external users.

By adding your users into the correct user groups, and setting up access rights on each sheet, you will ensure what each user has access to. If a user is in multiple groups, they will access the form with the group that grants them the most privilege.

By default, the user group X-User is set to "No Rights", therefore Ragic may prompt you to add access rights to your external users from the Global Access Rights Panel if you haven't configured access rights in your sheets yet.

External User Privileges

External users can only be assigned with the following access rights:

Access Right Setting Description View Create Modify
No Rights The user group will not be able to see this sheet at all. Nothing No No
Survey User The user group will be able to create and edit their own entries, and won't be able to see other entries. Own entries Yes Own entries
Viewer The user group will be able to view all entries and entry details, but won't be able to edit or create new entries. All entries No No

If you would like your users to have more privileges in your account, you can add them as internal users.

Adding External Users to your Account

After your application to add external users is approved by the Ragic staff, you will be able to add new external users to your account from your Account Setup under the External Users menu by clicking on the +New button, or by importing to your database under the Tools menu.

This information will be saved for each external user you add in their profile.

These users will be notified with the e-mail you have provided, and will be able to access your Ragic account with the access rights that you have assigned to their user group.

You can make modifications to the external user form, as long as you don't edit the default fields.

Custom E-mail

You can customize the subject and the content of your e-mail notification when adding new users by clicking on Custom Email action button.

In the pop-up window, you can design the e-mail template using HTML formatting and use the variables. Check all supported variables here.

You can click on which will show you a demo on how the custom e-mail looks like. If you decide to use our standard template instead, click on will discard all the changes you've made.

Furthermore, you may also attach URL, Excel, PDF, or mail merge file of the record; or other attachments.

If you wish to use this template for all future invitations, please click "Save as email template".

External Users Requesting Access to your Account

Steps for external users

After your application to add external users is approved by Ragic staff, as an alternative to manually adding external users like in the previous step, users can also request access to your account by typing the URL
which will take them to a page like below image since they do not have access to your account yet. Then, ask them to click "Request Access".

Clicking on this link will take your potential external users to a Database Access Request form where they can fill in their contact details. After this form is filled and saved, the request will be submitted for your approval.

Note: All sheets on the account must be private for the Request Access link to appear on the home page. If the account has public sheets then those public sheets will be displayed instead. The external users will not be able to request access to the account and the SYSAdmin will have to manually add each external user.

Steps for the SystemAdmin

You will be able to approve or reject the received external user requests from your Account Setup, under External User > Approve Requests.

Under individual entries, you'll see the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons.

Approved external users will be saved to your External Users menu.

When approved, the external user will receive a notification e-mail, and will be able to login to your account. After you approve external users' request to sign up to your account, don't forget to assign them to the correct user group.

If needed, you can also make modifications to the external user registration form, so that you can ask for additional information from users as they register, but please make sure that you do not change the system default fields.

Please note that you can always invite external users by adding them directly to your account.

Public Sheets and Temporary Log-in

You can also have public sheets and control how everyone can see your Ragic database through Ragic's access rights settings.

Ragic also has a convenient way of giving a user temporary log in without him having an account on Ragic, by setting an E-mail Id. attribute.

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