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Update Values

About Update Values

Sometimes you might want to update field values on a record without manually inputting the values, especially for repetitive actions in your workflow. For this, you can create an update values action button that will run an update for your record without entering the editing mode.

We are taking a sheet "Tickets" as our example here, to create an action button that can enter a field value in the field "Need Action?" by clicking the Update Values action button.

Setting up an Action Button to Update Values

Navigate to the form page Design Mode, and click Form Tools. You'll find Update Values under the Custom Buttons section.

You can now set up one or more fields to be updated with this action button, by entering their field values.

You can click + to add more fields that you would like this action button to help update simultaneously if necessary.

After your configuration is completed, click the "Create Update Values button".

You will be prompted to name the button, which will be added to your "Actions" menu, visible to users in every records' form page on the lower-right corner.

Note: If you click the "Create Update Values button" with your value empty in the update value action button configuration, you will be prompted that your values for these fields will be cleared, therefore please make sure you want these values to be empty when the action is run.

Don't forget to save your design changes once you set up your update values action button.

Once your update values action button is saved, you will see this action button on the lower-right corner of every form page when you access your records.

You can click the action button to update your values.

The value updated by this action button will be recorded in the record history, in the i icon on the lower right corner.

If you want to update a field with different sets of values depending on the situation, you can create multiple update values action buttons.

Advanced Setting: Create a new subtable record

You can allow the system to autopopulate subtable fields with your frequently entered subtable values by creating an Update Values action button with the “Create a new subtable record” configuration.


Let's say that most clients in your ski resort rent the same pieces of equipment. By creating an update values action button with the "Create a new subtable record" configuration in the sheet, the system will auto-populate the subtable with the frequently rented equipment data.

Set up all the fields and the field values you'd like to populate with, then click the "Create a new subtable record" option in the advanced setting. Remember to click Create 'Update Values' button, enter a name for this action button, then click OK.

As shown in the below images, the subtable values are auto-populated through an action button click.

You can also simultaneously enter multiple sets of field values to the subtable by creating multiple action buttons and putting them together as one Combine button.

Data in the entry can still be modified after the action buttons are executed.

Advance Setting: Update all subtable records

In Ragic, you can update all subtable records with an action button click. This is a very convenient way to, for example, update all the subtable checkbox field values to "Yes" (thus showing check marks) after a customer return all the ski equipments rented from your ski resort.

In the action button configuration, fill the text box under "with these values" caption with the values you want to update, then click Advanced > Update all subtable records.

Also remember to click Create 'Update Values' button, name the action button, click OK and save the sheet design.

After the action button is set, you can simultaneously change all the values of a subtable field with one click.

Advanced Setting: Apply Subtable Filtering Criteria

If we only want to update the subtable records which fulfill certain conditions, we can apply this setting. For example, in the Quotes sheet, the client decided to buy some of the product eventually, so will only need to convert some of the subtable entries and also update their statuses.

You can check Apply subtable filter criteria under Update all subtable records and customize filtering criteria.

After you've completed the settings, you can click the action button and the system will update all subtable records that match your filtering criteria.

Supported variables of updated values

Below are the supported variables you can use in the update value action button configuration as updated values.

Variable Updated values
{{USER}} The user(email) who clicks on this action button.
{{USERNAME}} The user(name) who clicks on this action button.
{{TODAY}} The updated date (default timezone: UTC+0 if there's not custom configured timezone in company setting.)
{{NOW}} The updated time (default timezone: UTC+0 if there's not custom configured timezone in company setting.)
{{Field ID}} Reference values from a specific field. Only regular fields are supported.
{{$SEQ}} Use Update all subtable records mode to reset sequence number in subtable. About detailed instruction, please refer to this page.
{{$SEQ_FILTERED}} Use Update all subtable records mode and Apply Subtable Filtering Criteria to reset sequence number for specified text value in subtable.
{{CLEAR_DEFAULT}} To clear fields that apply the following Default Values ($SEQ, #DATE, #TIME, #DATETIME, #YEAR, #MONTH, #WEEKDAY, #USERNAME, #USERID), you must use this variable. In other cases, updating the fields with empty values will clear them.

Other configurations for action buttons

Additional Settings

There are some additional settings you can configure for action buttons, you may refer to this article for detailed information.

Remove the action button

If you want to remove the action button, you may refer to this article.

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