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Send Custom E-mail

About Send Custom E-mail

It's possible to create e-mail templates and saving them directly on your sheet design in order to have users send out e-mails that contain your entry values saved in your database. Users can directly press an action button created with the Send Custom E-mail option to send out e-mails that have been automatically filled with your values. The e-mail template's subject and body text can contain parameters described below.

Use cases include sending order confirmation details to customers or sending purchase receipts to vendors.

Setting up an Action Button to Send Custom E-mail

Navigate to the Design Mode on your form page and click Form Tools > Send Custom E-mail under the Custom Buttons title.

A pop-up window will allow you to compose your e-mail template. You can use HTML formatting and the variables. Check all supported variables here.

You can click on which will show you a demo on what the custom e-mail looks like.

If you decide to use our standard template instead, click on will discard all the changes you've made.

Furthermore, you may also attach URL, Excel, PDF, or mail merge file of the record; or other attachments. When you attach the URL of the record, please make sure you have granted the access right of the sheet to the recipients. Otherwise, they'll have a blank page when they access the database through the entry URL.

Once the editing is complete, remember to save before you exit the pop-up window.

Send custom e-mail after saving

You can check Automatically run when saving if you want to automatically execute this action button after saving.

History of sent custom e-mails

After sending a custom e-mail, you may click on the mail icon to view custom e-mail history.

Other configurations for action buttons

Additional Settings

There are some additional settings you can configure for action buttons, you may refer to this article for detailed information.

Remove the action button

If you want to remove the action button, you may refer to this article.

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