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Integrating Ragic With External Applications

There are 3 ways to integrate Ragic with an external system without scripting, and 2 ways to integrate Ragic with scripting.

For the non-scripting ways:

1. You can use the import from URL function to periodically import data from an external source to a Ragic sheet.

2. You can use the publish to the web function to publish a Ragic sheet as an Excel, CSV, or JSON feed.

3. You can use our Zapier Integration to integrate Ragic with other popular cloud applications.

For more custom integrations with scripting, you can:

1. Write a Javascript Workflow as post-workflow so that the script is executed each time a record is created or saved. Developers can write scripts that calls external HTTP/HTTPS API URLs based on record content when a record is saved.

2. Write an external script calling Ragic's HTTP API. The script can decide when and how it calls Ragic HTTP API for reading data from Ragic, or writing data to Ragic.

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