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Publish to The Web

Publishing to the Web

If you would like to send an Excel file of your records to others, you may use our export feature Publish to The Web. This will generate a link for other people to allow them to download the Excel file directly.

To use the Publish to the Web feature, navigate to Listing page > Tools > Publish to The Web under the Export section.

When you publish to the web, you will need to configure the correct access rights for the user group EVERYONE, in order to let others download records of this sheet. Keep in mind that configuring the EVERYONE user group is directly related to configuring access rights to the public for your sheet.

If you haven't made your sheet public through the access rights settings:

Option 1: Click on Set access right of group EVERYONE to Viewer. This will make this sheet public to everyone, but they still won't be able to create or edit any records, and make sure the group EVERYONE has feature access of "Download Listing page". You can change the access right any time.

Once you finish using Publish to The Web and would like to stop publishing, you can configure the access right for user group EVERYONE to No Rights or Survey User through the panel of this feature without navigating to the Design Mode.

Option 2: Click on Generate link with API key. This will generate a link using the API key of your access rights, hence the users who have this link will be able to access the database as you.

It's recommended to create a separate test user account for API Key usage and grant proper access rights. By this, you won't be logged out if others access into your database through this link. If you would like to use API Key other than the account you're currently logged in to Ragic, please refer to this documentation to get API key. After getting API Key, you can post it after "APIKey=" in the url.

Using Publish to the Web

You can share the links you have generated with the Publish to the Web tool directly to allow others to download data in different formats.

You may also import your data with third party tools that allow you to import from a URL.

Example: Google Sheets

In the example below, we're using Google Sheets to further analyze our data.

You can view the example Ragic database here, and the example Google Sheet here.

Using the IMPORTDATA formula with the .csv format, we can import data into our spreadsheet from our Ragic database sheet.

Using this data, we can create charts with different criteria using the Charts tool.

This pivot table was created by selecting the range of data on the spreadsheet, and navigating to Data > Pivot Table.

Using the Report Editor menu, we can use multiple criteria to group fields, and display values accordingly. On our example, since we can use different criteria and stack them within the pivot table, we're able to group our products in our example under different product categories.

More information about pivot tables on Google Sheets can be found here.

Specifying fields to export

Regarding how to specify fields when using publish to the web, you can refer to this article.

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