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What is Field ID?

In Ragic, the field ID is an important tool to identify fields. When creating fields on Ragic sheets, other than recording the name of fields, the system will also automatically provide a unique field ID for every new field.

With the field ID, the system can distinguish fields even if your fields have the same names. In Ragic, action buttons, email templates, mail merge, and many other tools support using field ID as the parameter.

How to Find the Field ID?

Only SYSAdmins can view the Field ID of fields. There are two methods:

Method 1: Right-click on a field to enter its Field Info page, and you’ll find its field ID in the first row.

Method 2: Enter the design mode, click a field, and you’ll find its field ID under its field name.

Will Different Fields Share the Same Field ID?

In some cases, different fields on different sheets may share the same field ID. For example, when you build sheet relationships using multiple versions or new sheet from subtable, some fields will be in sync because they share the same field ID. In this situation, when you update a field on one sheet, it will also reflect on the respective field on the other related sheet or multiple versions sheet.

Special Field IDs

Generally, the field ID of fields added by users would start with 1000. For fields in template sheets, the field ID would start with 2000 for English templates or 3000 for Chinese templates.

Changing the Field ID (Use it Only When Very Necessary)

In the design mode, you can double-click on the grey “field ID” text to change a field’s field ID. However, unless there is a very special reason, the field ID should not be modified because it is an important reference tool. On the other hand, fields should not share the same field ID unless they are the same field on different related sheets or multiple versions sheets. To prevent unexpected errors in your database, we suggest not modifying the field ID unless under the guidance of Ragic Support or Ragic documents.

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