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Customizing Ragic for your Company

If you don't see one of the settings mentioned below in your Company Settings sheet and you would like to use it, please send an email to support@ragic.com so we can help manually update your system default sheets.

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Company Settings

It's always a great idea to customize Ragic to fit your company's look & feel. If you are using Ragic's professional, on-premise, or enterprise plan, you can replace some assets like the logos and banners to fit your corporate identity. If you are using Ragic's lite plan, you can only modify the account settings.

The following settings can be done in your Company Setting Panel, under your Account Setup.

Setting up a Custom Logo

You can change database logo by clicking the Gear Icon next to Ragic.

Or uploading your company logo on the Company Setting Panel, in the Logo field.

Your uploaded logo will replace every Ragic logo image on the top-left corner of all pages in your database.

Setting up a Custom Favicon

You can upload your own Ragic page Favicon on the Company Setting Panel, Favicon field.

Your uploaded picture will become your Ragic website icon.

Setting up a Custom Banner

You can change database banner by clicking the Gear Icon in upper-left corner of the page.

Or uploading a banner image on the Company Setting Panel, in the Custom banner field. If your banner image is dark, you can choose the option "Y" for the Dark Banner? setting so that the layout's visibility can adjust accordingly with lighter text.

It's recommended to create your banner image's width depending on the resolution the monitors set on your computers that your company uses. The recommended height for the banner image is 102px. You can also download from the custom banners we made for you.

Your uploaded banner will replace the gray area on the top of all pages in your database that is visible behind the search bar and your tabs.

Setting up a Custom Domain

You can make it easier for your users to find your database in Ragic by creating a custom web address, also known as a URL.

For example, with a custom address, users can sign in to their Ragic account at yourdomain.com instead of at the longer default address https://www.ragic.com/youraccountname.

To change this setting, under your Start tab, click on Account Setup. Navigate to go to your Company Setting.

Fill in the Company Domain field with the URL you have assigned for this custom domain.

Note: Please be reminded that Ragic is not a domain provider, and that the domain set up in the company setting must have already been registered from a provider. This company domain does not change your original Ragic database URL (https://www.ragic.com/youraccountname) but merely redirects you to it.

Add a CNAME record with your domain host that points to www.ragic.com


yourdomain.com points to www.ragic.com

Note that adding a CNAME record requires logging in to your account at your domain host's website, not with Ragic. (You might have already done this to verify your domain, in which case you'll find the steps are similar.) If you can't access your domain's DNS records, contact your domain host directly for assistance.

You can also refer to this document on typical CNAME configurations

Setting up a Custom Login Screen

You can set up a custom login screen for your company that will make it easier for users to recognize your branding while logging in. To do this setting, access your Company Setting Panel.

Login banner: Upload a custom banner image

Login banner when login in successfully: Upload a custom banner image

Login logo: Replace the Ragic logo on the login screen

Login page greeting 1 and Login page greeting 2: Change the greeting message

Setting up a Custom Splash Screen

You can set up a custom splash screen for your company that will make it easier for users to recognize your branding during the short time that it takes to load a page in Ragic.

To do this setting, access your Company Setting Panel.

For your custom splash screen, you can use basic HTML in the Custom splash screen field to add your company logo or other type of image.

Example HTML code:

<img src="https://www.companywebsite.com/companylogo.png"/>

Design tip: depending on the size of the image you are using, the progress bar might overlap your image. For your progress bar to display below your image, you can do some adjustments such as adding a margin property to your image to adjust your overall layout.

Example HTML code:

<img style="margin:0 0 100px 0;" src="https://www.companywebsite.com/companylogo.png"/>

Your custom splash screen will be displayed according to the settings you have made on the company setting page.

Page after logout

You can configure the page after logout, users will go to that page after they log out.

Display mobile app link

You can configure whether to show the Ragic mobile app link for the mobile browser here.


You can upload your company logo to the Watermark field, you will see the watermark after you download the file as a PDF.

Skip interactive tutorial for new users

Although the interactive tutorial is very helpful for new users to get a fast understanding of Ragic, you can disable it for them by selecting “Yes” on this field.

Setting up Custom Security Policies

You can set up custom security policies for your users in your company.

To do this setting, access your Company Setting Panel.

View the last section, Security Settings and make the necessary changes to the fields.

Password complexity

Setting the password complexity to high will require the passwords to include numbers and special characters. Your password will need to have at least two of the following: numbers, symbols, and uppercase characters.

Setting the password complexity to medium will require the passwords to include at least 6 characters in their passwords.

Change password every __ days

When set, the user will be prompted to change their password according to the number of days you enter. If there is no need for your users to change their passwords periodically, enter 0 for this value.

Reuse old password?

Input number only.

Set to 0 to allow your users to reuse passwords that they have used before.

Set to 1 to allow your users to reuse passwords except for previous passwords.

Set to 2 to allow your users to reuse passwords except for the previous two passwords.

And so on.

Default password

This password will be the default password for users who have had their password reset by the admin. You can change this to another string if required.

Auto logout after idle time (Minute)

If set, Ragic will automatically log the user out after the specified minutes of idle time. Set to 0 if this is not required.

File download with user authentication

Setting it to Yes will allow the system to determine whether or not a user has access rights to the original record in the database and can view the files from the URLs related to the file or image upload field in all sheets in the database.

Without access rights to the original record in the database, users won’t be able to see the data through the URL.

If the user has access right to the original record in the database, he/ she will also need to log in first before they can download the file.

Enforce two-step authentication

Setting it to Yes will enable two-step authentication for all users, and they won't be able to turn it off by themselves.

Please note that users won't be able to preview Microsoft Office files if this feature is enabled since the external Office Reader cannot fetch the files.

Account Settings

Under this section, there are few things you can set:

Company Local Time Zone: The default timezone is determined by the browser time zone of the user who registers this database account.

Default Job Schedule Execution Time: The default execution time for daily workflow is 19:00 according to your Company Local Time Zone.

Default Language: The default interface language.

Default Number and Money Format: The newly added numeric fields and money fields will apply these formats by default. You can still modify the format for each field afterward in the design mode.

Default Date Format: It will apply to date field format, comment, change history and approval, etc.

Default the First Day of the Week System defaults Sunday as the first day of the week. If you wish to set another day as the first day of the week (like Monday), you may change the settings here. However this function is only supported on the display format on the date picker, but not on calendar reports, scheduling reports, or the on the left sidebar related to defining "this week" and "last week".

Enable Access Request as External User

Default Separator of Multiple Fields

You can refer to this article for example formatting types.

Connection Restrictions

You can set IP Address, Mask, connection time and connection days under this section. Once the restrictions are set, users other than the SYSAdmin can access this database only if they meet the restrictions.

System Mail Setting

If you would like to have the system mail sent from and reply to your own mail server, you can configure the SMTP server in this section.

If there are errors in SMTP settings (Incorrect account, password, port, etc.), mailing issues would happen.

You may download the mail log of your database in DB Maintenance to see if there are any mailing issues.

Single Sign-On Setting

If you have integrated Active Directory with Ragic, you may fill in your ADFS server location here. Please refer to this document for more details.

Recommended Image Sizes for Custom Assets

Asset Name Recommended image size (pixels, width x height)
Logo 144 x 44
Banner any x 102
Splash Screen No limitations
Log in Logo any x 28
Log in Banner 420 x 420 (the bottom 145px will be clipped by the message box)

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