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DB Maintenance

You can find DB Maintenance under Database Management by clicking the hamburger icon on the upper-left of the page.

Reset DB Connection

You can reset your database connection to Ragic when you need to clear your database's cache data. When you notice some of the changes you have made to data or form design are not showing up, you can try resetting your DB connection.

Rebuild Search Engine Index

Ragic's search bar works like a search engine, which can help you to find full values and also offers you search suggestions when you begin to type. This is a very useful tool when looking for a specific entry where you know at least one of the values.

If you find that you cannot see related search suggestions when you're typing into the top search bar, the reason may be that Ragic's search engine hasn't indexed these records yet.

You can rebuild your Ragic database's search engine index through the Rebuild Search Engine Index option under your DB Maintenance menu.

This will allow Ragic to crawl through the values within your database and index your records by sheets. You'll see the indexing status on a pop-up menu on the lower-left side of your screen. Feel free to work on your database elsewhere while indexing is being done.

Once the indexing is done, the pop-up will display a “Done” note.

Download Data Dictionary

Your data dictionary shows the data schema of all your sheets, which contains all the field IDs, field names, and stored field types.

You can save this as a PDF through your browser's Print to PDF setting, and send it to a trusted person who would need this data to work with your account, such as an external developer you're working with, who needs to read and write data using Ragic's HTTP API or to write server-side Javascript workflow.

Data Archiving

Every entry saved in the database will have its own detailed history. It will include details such as the entry’s creation details, which users edited which fields, and all entry modifications.

With Data Archiving, you can archive entry histories that are more than 90 days old to save the storage space of your database. This action will also make your database run faster and smoother.

If any user would like to view the older details of an entry’s history that are archived, he or she can still access entry's history to download the archived history.

Warning: Executing data archiving will use up a lot of time and resources. Therefore, it is suggested to only execute it once per year and when no users are using your database.

Delete My Account

Ragic has a forever free version that you can use, but for any reason, you can still delete your Ragic account.

Deleting your Ragic account can be done through your DB Maintenance menu. Since this action is not reversible, make sure that you back up your data in case you would need to restore this data at another time. You can also export your data instead, or make sure that you do not have any data of importance on your account.

Access your Account Setup from the Start tab, and navigate to the DB Maintenance Menu page. You'll see the Delete My Account option at the bottom.

Please check this documentation if you are looking to cancel payment to your account.

You can contact at any time to help point you in the right direction while setting up your database, or leave feedback regarding using your Ragic database.

Download System Log

The date and time in the system log are based on UTC+0 timezone.

Option Description
System Access Log Lists information including the date, time, and IP address of users that have logged in to your account. In the log, F means a normal log-in session, D means it's a duplicated log-in session and it has logged out the other session that this user has logged in from, usually from another device or browser.
Workflow Execution Log Lists the errors of workflow execution.
Mass File Download log Lists the download history from the listing page such as download as Excel file and printer friendly.
Mail Log Lists notification emails, new user invitation emails, and password resetting emails’ details.
Job Schedules Modification Log Lists the modification of job schedules.
Database Usage Log List which user accessed which form; V stands for viewing entries, C stands for creating entries, and U stands for updating entries.
Subscription Modification Log List the plan and user number modifications through online payments. Manual payment information will not be listed.
Connection Restriction Log Lists connection restrictions.
Unsuccessful Notification Mail Log List the record that triggered the notification, the user(s) who received the notification, and the reason for the notification.
Calendar Sync Error Log Lists calendar sync errors.
Tab Modification Log Lists when and which users have added, edited, or deleted tabs.

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