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Notification Settings

You may access Notification settings from Personal Settings to determine whether or not you wish to receive notifications, when and how you would like to be notified.

There are 3 sections in the notification settings:

1. User Notification Status

This section determines whether or not you would like to receive any notifications (from all features like reminders, entry reviews and approval, etc).

Users who disable User Notification Status (with status "Disabled") will not receive notifications, and therefore cannot, and have no need to, set up the following two sections.

2. Individual Tab Settings

If your notification status is enabled, this section determines under which conditions notifications will be received when users create or modify entries in the sheet.

Clicking on any of your application tab on the menu will take you to the list of all the sheets under that tab where you can configure the notifications you would like to receive.

There are four conditions of receiving notifications you can choose for each sheet:

Notify me when a record related to me is updated. (default setting)

Notify me when a new record is created.

Notify me when a record is updated.

Notify me when a record is commented.

Note: A record is considered "related to me" if they are created by me, assigned to me, or commented on by me.

3. Overall Settings

Tick the options to decide the type of notifications you prefer and when you wish to receive them.

If you want Ragic to send you E-mails as notifications, tick the "E-mail" option from Overall Settings.

If you want Ragic to send push notifications to your mobile devices (in a condition that you have already installed Ragic Android or iOS app and turned on its notification), choose "Push Notification".

For "Web Notification" option, notifications will be shown on the notification badge icon (the bell icon) at the upper right corner of your screen when you open Ragic home page. Click the icon to view the notifications, and click again on one of them to view the full entry.

Notifications for a shared view

In addition to setting up notification for each sheet, you can also set up notifications based on a Shared View if you would like to receive notifications only from the filtered records in the sheet.

Please note that the Shared View can only be created by the SYSAdmins in your database account.

Click on the arrow next to the name of the shared view, and click the Notify me option.

Below are the two conditions in which the system will send you notifications if you set the Notify me setting for a shared view:

1. New records that match the queries. (either by creating a new entry or modifying an existing entry)

2. Records that formerly matched the queries but do not any longer.

Note: You won't be notified if the records are updated by Mass Update or an Import.

To cancel the notifications, click on the arrow next to the name of the shared view, and choose Cancel notification.

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