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Mail Merge

What is Mail Merge?

You can download reports of individual entries in a customized Excel or Word format in Ragic with the mail merge tool.

If you don't see this feature on the sheets, it may be related to the access right you are granted. If you have any questions not having this feature, please contact your SYSAdmin of the database to check if you are configured with proper access right.

Creating a Template for Mail Merge

Click Mail Merge under Tools in your listing page.

You can download the template created by Ragic according to your form page design, by clicking the Download button next to Sample Template.

Feel free to make modifications to customize your template in any way you want. You can choose to omit fields if you want, and repeating field values are also possible. Just make sure that you are writing:

<<Field name>>

where you want to add the field values.

If the field values are in subtables, they can be written as

#Field Name#

in a row.

Note. If you have duplicated field names, and you want to mail merge the data from all these fields (those with the same name), you will need to change them with different names, to let the system map the fields correctly while downloading your data by mail merge.

In the example above, Microsoft Excel is used to edit the template, but basically, any type of spreadsheet application would work as long as you can save your spreadsheet with .xlsx format.

If you need a text document instead, you can create a template directly in a text editor application such as Microsoft Word. The field values would be formatted like the above. Save the text document with the .docx format. Please note that some elements like text boxes are not supported for variables yet.

If you need to mail merge the subtable records, it's currently only supported with Excel.

After you're done with designing your template, upload this report template to your sheet by clicking on Create a template on the mail merge configuration.

You can name and save your uploaded template here (don't forget to click Upload to save).

You can upload as many report templates as you want.

Download Reports Formatted with your Template

Clicking the Mail Merge button next to your report name when you would like to generate reports from the data in your database will take you to an option that displays the number of entries you would like to download with the mail merge template applied.

The reports will then be downloaded to your computer in a .zip file. If a filter is applied to your listing page, only the filtered records will be mail merged.

This would be how a single report looks with the uploaded template example above:

Here are other examples, with an image field included:

Mail Merge Approval Process Records

The original format of the sample template document that you download from Ragic mainly contains the fields of the sheet and its subtable(s). If this sheet is configured with an approval process, the approval process records that are shown on the bottom right side of your sheet within Ragic would not automatically appear in the sample template document. If you want to add the approval process records into your mail merge, you can manually add some instructions when you modify the template document. After that, you can upload your customized template document to download reports formatted with your template that contain your approval process records.

Parameter Output Note
#{{APPROVAL_STATUS}}# Approval Status If an assigned deputy helps approve or reject approval requests, (Deputy) wil be shown next to the approval status
#{{APPROVAL_DATE}}# Approval Date Only shown when the approval step was approved
#{{APPROVAL_APPROVER_NAME}}# Approver’s Name
#{{APPROVAL_APPROVER_SIG}}# Approver's Signature in Personal Settings
#{{APPROVAL_APPROVER_EMAIL}}# Approver’s E-mail


In this example, we will show you how to create a mail merge template that will display approval process records on a mail merge.

First, we download the template document from the mail merge menu. It looks like the screenshot below and does not contain approval process records. The fields and subtable fields are shown as below:

We manually add the fields with the necessary parameters for the approval process on this spreadsheet document. We add the Approval Status, the Approver’s Name, and the Approver’s E-mail address in this case. After uploading this document, we're done with configuring this as a new template.

With this new template, we can now have records of the approval process when we export our data through mail merge.

Referencing a Field for File Names

You can select to reference a certain field while naming your mail merge file. The settings can be found by clicking on the gear icon next to the mail merge template you would like to use.

While executing mail merge, if you select to save multiple records as a single file separated by tabs, the selected referenced field will apply its values on the tabs in the Excel file.

On the other hand, if you select to save multiple records as separated files (compressed into a zip file), the selected referenced field will apply its field values to the respective files’ name.

Note: This function does not support mail merge for the listing page.

List of Mail Merge Parameters

Parameter Output
<<FIELD ID>> The value of a field. Case sensitive. If there is more than one field with the same field name, use <<FIELD ID>> instead
<<FIELD NAME>> The value of a field
#Field Name# The value of a subtable field
#{{APPROVAL_APPROVER_NAME}}# Approver’s name
#{{APPROVAL_APPROVER_SIG}}# Approver's Signature in Personal Settings
#{{APPROVAL_APPROVER_EMAIL}}# Approver’s E-mail
#{{APPROVAL_STATUS}}# Approval status
#{{APPROVAL_DATE}}# Date of approval
<&ltRECORD_LINK>> The URL of the record

Export Selected Entries

You can use the mail merge function to only export selected entries. To do so, please select the entries you would like to export by ticking the checkbox next to the entries and then click Mass Update.

Next, choose the format you would like to export under Mail Merge tab.

Video Tutorial

Please view the video below for a step-by-step tutorial:

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