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Sometimes you may need to share an entry with users without a Ragic account so they can modify or view that entry. For example, you may want to share an entry with customers so they can modify their sales orders. In this situation, you can use Share this entry to share your entry. If you want to share an entry, you can go to Form page > Tools > Share > Share this entry.

You have two options: Only read and Can write.

Users will only be able to view that entry if you choose Only read. If you choose Can write, they will be able to modify that entry. Besides, you can set the expiration time for the link.

Other than sharing this entry directly, you can also attach the temporary access links (read-only or editable, expire in 7 days) of this entry when you email this entry.

Please note that users won't be able to see other features or other entries after opening the link so you won't need to worry about your data security and privacy. Another thing is that the link will be valid for only one week.

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