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Approval Report

In the report, users will be able to manage entries that need his or her approval, and also entries that have approvals related to him or her.

In the Proceed with approval as: located in the upper area, you can select which user account he or she would like to proceed with the approval with. The default identity will be your user’s account, but you can also select other accounts that you are deputy to proceed with the approval.

Notice: The report will only display latest 90 days and up to 100 records to achieve the best system performance.

Pending approvals

You will see all the entries that need to be approved, and you can select entries that you want to approve using the checkboxes. Before approving, you can click an entry to see its details with the fly-in.

Please note that the value on the "Current Step" field is the approver's title or the name of that approval step. And in the "Progress" field, it will also show many people have approved on the right side and how many people in total should approve an entry. Below the entries, users need to re-submit the password before they proceed and also have the option to fill in the reason. Entries will no longer show in this report after being approved.

Approvals related to you

You will see two kinds of entries in this section:

1. Entries with approvals that are started by you.

2. Entries that will need your approval, but is currently at previous steps.

If the approval flow has stopped for a while, you can find out which step it is currently at in the “Current Step” field and remind the approver(s) of that step.

You also will be able to click on an entry to see its details in the fly-in tab from the right side here.

Approved by you

You can check all approved records in this tab.

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