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Line Graph

If you don't see any options featured below on your database sheets, it may be related to the access rights you are granted. If you have any questions about your access rights or not being able to view or generate reports, please contact your SYSAdmin of the database to check for the proper access rights configurations.

In addition to the saved report created by your SYSadmin, you can also generate and view reports. Clicking on the Report button at the upper-right corner on the listing page, select the report type that you would like to generate.

Generating a Line Graph

Ragic can analyze your data to generate a line graph.

You have the option to pick a certain field to graph out, choose criteria, and also choose a date field or a date criteria that Ragic can record, as well as the timeframe in which your line graph will be drawn. You can change these anytime while viewing your report.

The legends that are determined with the field you are sorting by can be turned off and on below the graph.

Configurations for Line Graphs

Below is a chart of the configurations you can make on your line graph.

Option Description Optional?
Breakdown Field Pick a field that has options (a selection field) to analyze as a source field. If not picked, Ragic will analyze the number of records by time on your sheet. Ex: in the screenshot above, the breakdown is made according to the status of entries. Mandatory
Value field Pick a criteria so that Ragic can analyze your data, if not picked Ragic will use the # of Records. Optional
Date field Choose a date field as an axis field to analyze your data with, if not picked, Ragic will use the creation date of your records. Optional
Timeframe duration Choose a timeframe (day, week, or month) to view your graph. Optional

Printing or Saving your Report as a PDF

You can also save as a pdf file or print your report by clicking the print icon on the right side.

Viewing Saved Reports

You can find the saved report that are created by your SYSadmin under the Reports tab for easy access.

Filtering your Report with Views

Your report will be generated according to the filter you have applied, but you can also generate reports for a certain shared view to display results within a different filtered criteria.

If a fixed filter view is applied to your sheet, the report will display results accordingly.

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