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Temporary Log-in for Guests by E-mail ID Field

Ragic has a convenient way of giving temporary log-in rights for guests without them having to register an account on Ragic. This can be done if your SYSAdmin/ designer of the sheet defines a E-mail id field in the form design.

You can recognize this field type by the blue E-mail icon next to the field name.

As the record is saved with the E-mail address filled up in this field, Ragic will automatically send an e-mail to this e-mail address. This e-mail will contain a verification link that can authenticate that the guest user is the owner of this e-mail, which they can use to log in to Ragic. This is extremely useful when users create the records without logging in but would like to edit the records in the future.

Ragic would now determine which records the guest user has permissions to view and edit. This type of temporary login is usually used so that the guest user can see and edit changes in the entries they have created or created for them.

Ragic will also send a verification e-mail when the record is updated.

To manually resend the verification without updating a record, you can click on the blue "E-mail" icon next to the field name.

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