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Tabs and Sheets

When you enter your Ragic database, you'll see a list of all available sheets under each tab that you have access rights to on the user Homepage. You can either scroll down to find the sheet that you want to access, or navigate from the Tab on the top.

In Ragic, a sheet is made up of a Listing Page and a Form page.

To understand the concept of a sheet in Ragic, you can refer to the definition of listing page and form pages.

To navigate to the Home page, you can click either the logo on the upper-left corner or your_name Home on the upper-right corner.

There are many Account-wide features you might be interested in:

Personal Settings



Event Calendar

Collapsing/Expanding the Left Side Tool Bar

You can collapse / expand the left side tool bar by dragging on the edge of the line (the area shown below.)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I find a certain sheet in the database?

In most cases, this might result from the configuration of access rights, which is set by the system administrator (SYSadmin) of the database. You may contact your SYSadmin user(s) for further support.

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