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Deleting Entries

If you don't see any options featured below on your database sheets, it may be related to the access rights you are granted. If you have any questions about your access rights or not being able to delete entries on a sheet, please contact your SYSAdmin of the database to check for the proper access rights configurations.

Deleting a single entry

Navigate to the form page of the entry you would like to delete, by clicking on the entry in the listing page.

Click on the Tools button in the form page, and select Delete Entry.

Deleting multiple entries

You can use filters on the left sidebar search tool, the top search bar, or through field headers to view all the entries you would like to delete.

Click on the Tools button and select Delete All Filtered to delete all filtered entries.

To delete all of the entries under your listing page, you can select Delete All Filtered without creating a filter.

If SYSAdmin allows Fast Delete Mode, you can decide whether to use it when deleting entries.

The records deleted here

1. Will not enter the recycle bin, therefore unrestorable

2. Will not trigger recalculation on parent sheet or other related sheets

3. Will not produce record history

4. Will not trigger notifications

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