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Mass File Upload

If you don't see this feature on the sheets, it may be related to the access rights you are granted. If you have any questions about not having this feature, please contact your SYSAdmin of the database to check if you are configured with proper access rights.

To upload multiple files into your existing records in a sheet for a certain file upload field, you can navigate to the listing page while browsing your database and click Tools > Import > Mass file upload.

This will take you to a Data Import Menu that will help you with mapping and uploading your files into your Ragic sheet.

First of all, you'll need to set your template's key field to determine which field is the key to mapping your files to the correct records. In our example above, we're using the "ID" field, which will map certain applicants' resume and CV files to their records in Ragic.

After determining the key field, you can download a template for mass file upload. This downloads an empty spreadsheet in .xlsx format that contains the key field you had determined in the first step, and space to write the file names.

Fill in your template with the filenames and extensions of the files that you’re going to upload under the appropriate column named after your file upload field.

After you’re done, please save the modified template.

Note: Please do not use commas "," as it is used to determine the different file names when uploading multiple files.

To zip your files/images that you are going to upload, please do it by selecting all of your files/images > right click > Compressed (Zipped) folder instead of zipping a folder that includes the needed files/images.

After you saved your template and zipped all the files/images that needed to be uploaded in one .zip file, you can upload your filled template and .zip file with mass file upload.

Ragic will check the mapping key ID, and map the corresponding files according to the template you have filled and upload the files to the corresponding records.

Upload Multiple Files in the File Upload Field

If you have enabled to allow uploading multiple files in the file upload field and would like to use mass file upload to upload multiple files, you'll need to use commas "," to separate your filenames in the respective cells on your template.

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