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Using Subtables

What are Subtables?

Subtables are extremely useful for handling one-to-many relationships in your form. For example, you might have a customer account with multiple contacts and multiple contact history that you would like to record. Or you might need to record multiple items in a purchase order or quotation. Subtables are everywhere in business applications, and Ragic provides the easiest way for you to create forms to manage them.

Entering Data into Subtables

In the subtable, you can enter many sub-entries that belong to the main form entry. The subtable will initially have three empty rows shown to the user, and as they are filling more entries in the empty rows, more rows will appear.

Select Multiple Subtable Rows at Once

If there is a Select from other sheet field (linked field) in the subtable, applying Multiple subtable rows at once configuration will allow you to select entries and populate multiple subtable rows at once.

You will need to close the window manually after the data entry. (If the Multiple subtable rows at once configuration is not checked, the window will close after you select one entry).

Deleting data in subtables

You can delete a field's value by clicking on it, and pressing backspace or delete on your keyboard.

If you would like to delete a whole subtable row, you can click on the delete icon in the form, on the left side of the subtable row which you are editing.

Filtering and Sorting in Subtables

In some cases, you might want to filter or sort records in your subtables. This can be done by clicking on the arrow next to the field headers of your subtable to filter or sort the results displayed.

Filtering your subtable records

You can use the "Filter by text" option to filter your subtable. If the field is a selection field or a multiple selection field, you can also choose one of the selection options to filter results.

The filters applied can be cleared with the "Clear Filters" button on the top of your page, or the "Clear Filter" option through the arrows next to the field headers.

Or you might also be able to filter subtable records through left sidebar if the SYSAdmin of the database has configured these fields to appear in the left sidebar search too.

Sorting the order of your subtable records

Options include sorting ascending or descending.

Sorting applied to the subtable can be cleared via the "Clear sorting" option through the arrow next to the field header you're applying the sorting from.

You can also sort multiple fields in the subtables. For example, sorting Status first and then sorting Account Owner.

Notice: Applying multiple sorting will be meaningful only when the previous sorted field has duplicate values.

Exporting from & Importing into your Subtables

Exporting or importing would require creating a new sheet from the subtable by using our linking tool, which would need to be done by your SYSAdmin. All subtable records from the original sheet will turn into independent records on the new sheet, so you will be able to import or export subtable records from the new sheet instead.

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