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Can Ragic be used for e-commerce? Such as a shopping cart or membership system?

What we can currently do is use a embedded database form to allow users to place orders by filling out the form.

For example, you can create an embedded database form from a sales order sheet, adjust the access rights, and then everyone can access and fill out this form.

After the user submits an entry from the embedded database form, the system will also populate the entry and its details on the respective sheet on Ragic.

Our database is designed to store your data in the back end and can be used for internal data management purposes. Unlike e-commerce websites, Ragic does not offer a front-end interface for users to browse, add products to shopping carts, and place orders.

If you still want to build a membership system or shopping cart interface, you will need to build your own website and use APIs to integrate the data. For more details about API integration, you may refer to this document.

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