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Using strings in formulas

A string formula is pretty straightforward: if the value on C1 is Michael, and C2 is Scott, then C1+' '+C2 will be "Michael Scott".

Further to the previous example, if you want to add a fixed string into your formulas, please mark the string with either single quotes or double quotes. For example, C1+" "+C2+" "+"Jr.". Then, the result would "Michael Scott Jr.".

Concatenating Text

As a more advanced example, we will create a field that will display an address in standard postal format for shipping purposes in the U.S.

Make sure you have all the fields that you need to display the information required.

Here we would like to have the field header Full Shipping Address display the title and name of the customer, with the shipping address written in the standard postal format. We add the following formula to the field settings:

A3+' '+A4+' '+D14+' '+D13+' '+D12+' '+D10+' '+D11

Now that the Full Shipping Address displays, we can use information from this field whenever we need a full address, for example when printing shipping labels.

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