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Custom date field formatting in Ragic

You can change the formatting in Ragic for most field types, including date fields.

If none of the date formats fit your requirements, you can write your own formatting with the table below:

Field Full Form Short Form
Year yyyy (4 digits) yy (2 digits), y (2 or 4 digits)
Month MMMM (full name Ex. January), MMM (abbr. Ex. Jan) MM (2 digits), M (1 or 2 digits)
Day of Month dd (2 digits) d (1 or 2 digits)
Day of Week EEEE (name) E (abbr.)
Hour (1-12) hh (2 digits) h (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (0-23) HH (2 digits) H (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (0-11) KK K (1 or 2 digits)
Hour (1-24) kk (2 digits) k (1 or 2 digits)
Minute mm (2 digits) m (1 or 2 digits)
Second ss (2 digits) s (1 or 2 digits)

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