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How to archive old entries?

For better data management, we do not recommend archiving a sheet and creating another new sheet with the same structure, as you won't be able to generate a meaningful report in a specified time period if it becomes necessary.

Workarounds to archive data are:

Configuring a default view or fixed filter from the left side bar

Let's say you don't want to view orders that are older. You can click on the gear icon of the date field in the left side bar, choose "This Year", and then save it as the default view or fixed filter.

This way, users will see sales order of this year only upon entering the order sheet.

Create a "Archive" field and archive entries manually

If the data that you want to archive cannot be filtered out by the left side bar, you can create a selection field named "Archive". You can then apply a default view or fixed filter based on the "Archive" field.

In the future, when you have entry that want to archive, you'll need to manually change the field value of "Archive" field so that it won't show up in the listing page. In case that you want to update several entries at once, you may filter out those entries and use mass update.

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