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Usage of the SPELLNUMBER formula

You will see numbers that written in words in formal documents or other special circumstances. For example, you may need to use "one hundred" instead of "100".

You can use SPELLNUMBER formula if you need to translate numbers to words in your sheets.

The formula should be written in the format below:

SPELLNUMBER(number, [lang])

[lang] is an optional element. It means the lauguage that you want to translate your numbers to, and will be in English if [lang] is empty.You can refer to the table below to know which languages are supported.

Language [lang]
Traditional Chinese cht
Simplified Chinese chs
English en
French fr

For example, let's say G1 is a numeric field and the value in that field is 100,032.02. Below are the results when you apply the SPELLNUMBER formula in other fields regarding G1.

SPELLNUMBER(G1) -> one hundred thousand and thirty-two point zero two

SPELLNUMBER(G1,'cht') -> 壹拾萬零參拾貳點零貳

SPELLNUMBER(G1,'fr') -> un cents mille trente-deux point zéro deux

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