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How to prevent "Admin" users from creating entries in a specific sheet?

If you want to apply "No create" setting for "Admin" users on a specific sheet, you may follow the steps below:

Step 1. Open the JavaScript Workflow

Right-click on the sheet name and select "JavaScript Workflow"

Step 2. Switch to "Pre-workflow"

Step 3. Copy and paste the code

if(param.isCreateNew() && !user.isInGroup('SYSAdmin')){


response.setMessage('None-SYSAdmin users are not allowed to create entries');


In above code, 'None-SYSAdmin users are not allowed to create entries' is the error message that users will see when trying to save new entries. You may customize the error message if necessary. Once completed, please save and then exit the JavaScript Workflow editor.

In the future, when "Admin" users try to save new entries, they'll see the error message you set.

Note: For "Survey User" or "Bulletin User" access rights, you may set this from the additional access rights settings.

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