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How to make major design changes to live production systems

If you are already using Ragic as your main database and would like to make changes or additions to your system, there are a few things you can consider;

1. Manually download a backup of your database as a .ragicdb file so that you keep both your design and the data in your database, and restore your backup to your new trial account.

2. Do the modifications you need on the trial account, since changes will not affect your current production system in your company account.

3. After you're done, download a backup of this test account's design without any data, as a .ragic file. This way only the form designs are backed up.

4. Restore this new backup to your current account (don't forget to save a manual backup or a snapshot of your database first just in case). Restoring a .ragic backup without any data will not change the data that you already have in your account. This way, only the new form design is being applied to your production account.

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