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How to check the status of your Ragic server?

Ragic provides a Server Status page that allows users to look up the current service status. From the server status information listed at the top of the page, you can see the operating status of servers in 24 hours to know if the server your account is running on has experienced any abnormal conditions. When you feel that your Ragic account is running slower than usual, this page could help you identify if the server has encountered any problems or if it is caused by the design of sheets or internet connections.

The Server Status page shows the server response time of every server within 24 hours in the form of baseline charts. Server response time is measured with ms (millisecond). By reading the chart, you will get to understand the operating condition of the servers, and the most recent condition of servers is displayed on the right side of the charts.

If the server response time exceeds 1000 ms (1 second) and continues for a while, it means that the server speed is slower than usual. If it goes up and down once and soon goes back to normal, the reason would be that the server is restarting or freeing up RAM, and soon it will be normal in a short period of time. If the fluctuation continues, it means that the server is currently busy.

If you are not sure which server your sheets are located at, you can check the URL prefix of your sheets. For example, if the URL of your account is ap2.ragic.com/demo, the URL of your server will be ap2.ragic.com, and you can check the current operating condition of your server by reading the chart of ap2.ragic.com.

Ragic monitors server status in real time. Normally even before you find out that the server response time is slower than usual, we have already applied fixes to the problems, and the information about the abnormal conditions and the repair status happening in 7 days will be shown in the Past Incidents section on the bottom of the Server Status page. You will be able to know the current repair progress and feel more relieved once you have encountered any problems.

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